Safety Guidelines When Choosing Cat Boarding Services

If you are going on a trip for an extended period of time, you want to make sure that your pet cat is being cared for. When no one is left at home to take care of or feed your pet, then you should consider cat boarding Sydney has today. These services are designed to provide a safe haven for your pet to ensure that they will have a safe place to stay and their needs are met while you are away.

cat boarding Sydney

There are so many considerations to make when you find cat boarding in Sydney. On top of that list should be safety. When you assign care for your pet to another person or a pet care facility, don’t compromise their safety. This will give you peace of mind that they are cared for and are in good hands.
Here are some things to consider when looking at safety of Sydney cat boarding:
Food & Other Related Items
The type of food served at the cat boarding Sydney facility you choose is of primary importance to your pet’s safety. If you have any specific dietary guidelines for your cat, it is important to communicate that with the facilitators at the boarding facility. You do not want your cat to suffer from the side effects of consuming food products that have contraindications to their health. Some of the food items to be especially wary about are chocolate, coffee, tea, rich and fatty foods, uncooked meat or poultry, to name a few. If the facility has a menu plan for the pets, ask to check it so you can evaluate if it is suitable for your cat.
The type of surfaces with which your cat will be exposed to at the cat boarding in Sydney is crucial as far as safety is concerned. Each type of surface has its own environmental and safety concerns. For example, natural grass is the best type of surface for your cats to play in because it is soft and harmless. On the flip side, you should be wary about cat boarding facilities that use artificial grass surfaces. Your pet might nibble on the grass and the plastic material used to make the artificial grass could cause digestive problems when consumed.
When it comes to mulch or gravel surfaces, the safety considerations for your pet cat vary based on the design and installation. Loose fill surfaces are bad for pet care facilities. They could be easily displaced and your pet could easily trip over them. Meanwhile, hard surfaces like asphalt or concrete carry their own challenges too. This type of surface could be hard on your cat’s joints and paws.
Pet Treats
Most caretakers at a pet facility often give treats to your pet cat when playing with them. You should take the time to ask and look at these treats or playthings given to your pet cat before you assign care in the facility. Take note of the possibility that your pet cat could swallow these treats and pose a choking hazard. Also, make sure that these treats are given in moderation.
The above-listed information are just a few of the things to look out for when you explore a facility for cat boarding Sydney has to offer. Keep in mind that the safety of your pet should be your first priority.