6 Signs It’s Time You Check into a Rehabilitation Center

Is it time I check into a rehab in Thailand? You might have heard yourself asking this question over and over. The problem with addiction is that you don’t know or you will never admit to it – that you are indeed dependent on drugs or alcohol. If you care for your loved ones and for your life for that matter, you should take the time to assess whether it’s best that you check yourself into a rehabilitation center now. More information rehab in Thailand & rehab thailand

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But how do you know if you should go into a sober recovery program? Here are some signs that indicate it’s time you check into a rehab in Thailand as soon as possible: Click here The Next Step

  1. Your relationships are negatively affected.

You used to be able to talk to your family about everything. But after you’ve been hooked on drugs or alcohol, you stopped talking to them. You’ve completely shut them out for fear of being judged. You don’t socialize as much as you used to. Or you only go to parties or social events if alcohol or drugs are available. Plus, you have been avoiding friends who don’t do drugs or drink for a long time.

  1. You are about to be fired from your work because you’re either always absent or unproductive.

Because you are rarely sober, you don’t always show up at work. If you do report to the office, you’re either zoned out or too stoned to produce anything.

  1. You feel that you experience withdrawal symptoms whenever you try to quit.

People who are in dire need of medical help start to experience withdrawal symptoms when they are not taking drugs or alcohol. These could include the following:

– Vomiting

– Diarrhea

– Insomnia

– Restlessness

– Trembling

– Severe headaches

– Depression

– Irritability

– Nausea

The symptoms that a substance-dependent individual may feel depends on the type of drug or alcohol they are addicted to, and how long they have been using it. In some cases, the symptoms felt by the drug- or alcohol-dependent may be life-threatening.

  1. You try so hard to hide your addiction from other people.

If you go to great lengths to hide your bad habits or the amount you use, then you have an addiction problem and that you need to check into a rehab and then enroll in a secondary care program, like what The Next Step in Thailand offers. This program is for those who are have had primary treatment but have returned to their old ways right after checking out of rehab.

  1. Your loved ones have tried time and again to tell you to get help.

Your spouse, partner, family, and friends have all tried to intervene and suggested that you get professional help. Some of the people close to you may feel hurt or angry about what’s happening to you, and sometimes it would feel as if they are trying to control you or meddle with your life. But all they want is for you to get better before it’s too late.

  1. You forget or have foggy memories of certain events.

Say, you woke up in a hospital and have bruises all over your body. The problem is you can’t recall exactly what happened because you were under the influence. If you’ve episodes like this, then you are no longer safe. What’s worse, you could injure yourself or put the lives of other people in danger. This is why you badly need to check into a rehab in Thailand.

One of the benefits of going into a facility like The Next Step in Thailand is that they offer rehab aftercare programs to help ensure that drug- and alcohol-dependents are able to live sober for the rest of their life.

To know more about The Next Step’s programs, check out their website https://tnschiangmai.com/