5 Reasons You Need a Professional Dog Walker

If you have a pet dog, you probably want to spend as much time with the furry family member as possible. Dog walking is one of the best bonding experiences that an owner and his or her pet dog can share. However, work and other commitments in life can take up your time and deprive you of the opportunity to walk with your dog (or at least as regularly as you’d want to). This is where a professional Brisbane dog walking service can come into the picture.

If you’re not convinced about the benefits of hiring dog walker, here are 5 reasons that will:

1.    It provides health benefits for your dog. If you cannot make time to walk your dog, you are not only losing the opportunity to bond but also a chance to improve your pet’s health. Walking provides several health benefits for dogs as this is a form of exercise for them. Proper exercise, such as walking, can help fight common diseases or health problems encountered by dogs throughout their lifetime. A 20-minute walking session per day for 3 times a week can do wonders for their health.

2.    It is an opportunity to socialize. If you opt for a group walk, it provides an opportunity for your dog to meet other dogs and socialize. Socialization is beneficial for animals as it is for humans. It is good for their general behavior, too.

3.    It promotes good behavior. As pointed out above, a healthy dog (both in mind and body) behaves well. A professional walker with dog walk training can help your pet release energy resulting in a calmer behavior and overall positive aura. This is a good technique to eliminate any unwanted behavior such as biting, excessive barking or chewing, among other things.

4.    It gives you peace of mind knowing that your pet is handled well. When you find a dog walker in Brisbane, always ask for a certification. This will prove that the walker has proper training and knowledge to handle your pet dog’s walking exercise routine. It also serves as your guarantee that they have the safety and health of your dog in mind. Choose a professional Brisbane dog walking service that you can entrust your pet to with confidence.

5.    It can save you time. In this modern day, time is a luxury for most people. If you have difficulty squeezing in a time to walk your dog into that schedule, hiring a walker is the next best thing. You can help facilitate in your dog’s regular exercise without compromising your own time or responsibility at work or school.

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